My beautiful stranger – how I miss you

My beautiful stranger, black and white picture of man walking the street meeting mannequins
The stranger and the mannequins

My beautiful stranger 

I miss making eye contact with you, my dear stranger
I miss your smile, your eyes with a hint of curiosity

Of all the people I could miss, I miss my dear unknown stranger the most

You always gave me a beautiful present
Such a lucky me, to have received so much for so little

Un unexpected question to throw me off balance
I had not expected you to enter my mind
But I welcome you, my wonderful stranger

How I miss you

Come closer
Sit next to me
Have a drink
Did you say anything about the street musician on the corner?

The one who is always there
The known and unknown roles up into one
His guitar out off tune
His radiant smile spot on
Did you say anything about him?

No, don’t tell me your name
I like strangers
Remain my wonderful stranger

How I miss you

Sometimes you were hungry
So we had lunch together
I bought you drinks and a sandwich
You told me your story
and moved me
I didn’t share your history
We shared this one moment
Sit next to me
Tell me all you want to share

But don’t tell me your name
I love strangers
Remain my lonely stranger

How I miss you

Sometimes you were a flirt
You sent me a beautiful smile
Causing short wave of butterflies
Have we met before, you would ask
No we haven’t you are my daring stranger
But we can meet now
Sit next to me
We laugh

Just flirt, nothing more not even a kiss
I adore strangers
Remain my could have been the wildest one-night stand

How I miss you

Please get your vaccination so we can meet again, by accident
I can’t miss you much longer 

All my wonderful strangers