Snapshots from a dream

Snapshots from a dream make us think about what is real and what isn’t and if it matters…
We can be part of a dream that feels real but looks psychedelic. For a moment we can experience a feeling of ‘this is real’ and funnily enough we can also think during our dream state ‘I’m dreaming, this isn’t real’.

Snapshots from a dream was created making so called transfers. We look at something that couldn’t have existed if the photograph wasn’t created, but can we still say we’re looking at a photograph? Does is matter if it’s perceived as something other than photography?

FP-100C polaroids were used for creating Snapshots from a dream. The transfers (approximately 8.5 cm x 10 cm) were scanned and printed on Canson fine art print photo rag  1.10m x 1.30m