#2 Research new project – Off Course

#2 Research new project – Off Course … Off Course contains both Of Course and Off Course. Off Course, is all about leaving a designated course or path our parents had envisioned. And Of Course is all about; absolutely finding and defining your own path.

When leaving the envisioned path one of the most frequently comments is “you’re walking away. leaving. turning away.” Puk had always wondered, why leaving is always getting too much attention. Walking towards something is never addressed. It’s quite simple; when you leave one point, you move towards an other point. If not, there’s no movement at all. Therefore, you are not even leaving.

The research continues

The 2 Research new project – Off Course also takes a look at HOW going off course could look like. A very personal approach to life and living it. The greatest difference between the artist and her relatives, could well be her attitude towards plenty. Life holds an abundance of beautiful unexpected gems.

Let’s start with an abundance of techniques. Let’s bring together photography, plastic, leather, water-colour painting, needlework, threads, wool, glass, wood and metal.

#2 Research new project – Off Course finding form and presentation
finding form and presentation