Current Project – Particles

Particles – start 2022

Particles is a completely new art project. It started in 2022 and it will be a long term project, covering various areas along the Europan coast.

What we know so far …

Basically the project is about merging both the artists’ concern and love for the oceans and seas. The beauty and messiness will meet on the canvas and photographic paper.

The coastal areas and our seas/oceans are always changing. The areas harbour change within themselves. But they are also subject to external environmental changes. The particles stand for the molecular influences.

Tracking the artist

For her current project – Particles, Puk is planning to free-dive and hike along a number of coastal areas; Norway, Denmark, Netherland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, England.

So far she has captured some coastal areas in the Netherlands (Zeeland and Schiermonnikoog) and the north of France, Bretagne (Brittany). This summer -2023 – the main focus will be on the north of Spain.

The project will be exhibited as an art piece that will grow – project in process and progress.

Tracking the artist during current project – Particles

Techniques used during the current project – Particles

  • Analogue photography – 120 and 35 negatives
  • Silver Emulsion (Rollei Black Magic)
  • Photograms
  • Mordançage
  • if needed, colouring the photographs with a sepia or indigo washing
  • FP – 100C the artist bought a few of the last packages produced by Fuji. This wonderful product was discontinued.
Title: particles – plasticisation no.5
Abstract photogram & mordançage