Tracking the artist

Tracking the artist, Puk while she sets out to free-dive and hike some of the following coastal areas; Norway, Denmark, Netherland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, England, Iceland.

Image below and above the surface, will merge on photographic and/or water-colour paper. The artist will use various techniques, combining them when the subject demands it.

Growing exhibition

The project will be exhibited as an art piece that will grow. The first exhibition showed 16 small photographs in a passe-partout. One of the comments/feedback “there’s jazz!” Although this work is still in possession of the artist, it is no longer part of the total art piece, at the moment.

Tracking the artist, can be done by visiting this page. New photographs will be posted here. You can also try and follow her insta.

Tracking the artist

March & summer 2024 – Schotland, Norway of Northern coast of Spain

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