Antwerp by association

Antwerp by association, a playful way to discover the city of Antwerp.

A poem by Peter Holvoet-Hanssen covered the walls of the quay. Stretching more than 3 km, you can read the whole poem and have a nice walk. The artist walked passed the first words one day and continued towards the city centre. Whilst walking and looking around, some of the words she had read, made weird associations with objects inside the city. A new project was born.

Using the discontinued polaroids ones produced by Fuji (FP-100C), the artist walked for ours and kilometres, going from one association to the next. Thus getting the inner city of Antwerp quite well. Because associations are free, the weirdest combinations occurred. Let’s look at two results from Antwerp by Association a bit more closely:

antwerp by association, the word drang

“I don’t know about you, but when I come across a toilet that is seemingly closed from the inside AND has been changed shut from the outside … I get the urge (drang) to pee!” – Puk, 2015 Antwerp

antwerp by association a monument

” The monument for those who fought in the war. I wanted to caress (aai) the soldier, out of gratitude and compassion. War must be one of the most terrifying and most gruesome things you can experience. Thanks to those and today’s soldiers I can be who I am today, free and comparatively safe. ” – Puk, 2015 Rotterdam