FreeBomB is a short (mixed media) animation, embracing the freedom of speech and expression. It is a (p)Art Production project; different parts creating one piece of artwork.

This time the artist worked with the Church of Rock ’n Roll. It is a local band, with their own studio also located at Atteljees010

A reminder that freedom is something that applies to all of us. If it’s only for a few lucky ones, freedom is being replaced by a privilege. Freedom can be heard as freebomb and freedumb nonetheless we should never stop celebrating and appreciating it.

It’s an invitation to talk, listen, think, doubt. Realise that all our differences can be enriching even when we find them difficult.

To view the short animation – to receive the password, please use the contact form.

Larger formats can be send to you, using We Transfer. Use the contact-form, to give us your contact information. Please define why you want to receive the larger animation (1920×1082 pix)

Stills from the animation

Still from the animation FreeBomB
We all …
starting the noise
Starting the noise
wall of noise can be broken
Breaking the wall of noise
Tree of life merges with a skull
Opposites becoming something new