Puk, the artist

Petra-Puk Bresser (known by all simply as Puk) is a female installation & visual artist. Born in The Hague – the Netherlands (1972). From an early age she is into drawing, painting, photography (old, analogue techniques) and philosophy. During her childhood she moved almost every two years. She enjoyed the novelty of new surroundings and new people.  These frequent changes, clearly formed her. She’s outgoing and openly curious about anything, everything and everyone. Because of her curiosity, she’s always asking questions and embarking on journeys to find possible answers. During her early twenties she started to travel and live abroad for about ten years. Working as an outdoor- and scuba instructor, she literally played with the experience of 3D. Being adventurous she pushed the boundaries during scuba diving. This ultimately let to a forced change of carrier and let her back to an old love; the arts.

Installation & visual artist

Although Puk works with photographic processes, she is not a photographer in any traditional sense. Often photographs are used as the base. Upon this base, the total piece is constructed. A photograph doesn’t need to be flat.  Differences in height make the work appear as a sort of sculpture, a photographic one.  Science, philosophy, cubism, conceptual- and experimental art, are clearly a great influence on her art. The photographs undergo whatever Puk finds relevant to help emphasis the theme or subject.

Artist statement

“When an idea or question takes shape in my mind, I automatically start thinking about all sorts of representations. For example, anger. Anger is dark and red. There’s a specific kind of energy. Like a dark cloud, ready to burst, to explode. I love experimenting with, glass and paint, lights behind the glass, cotton balls etc. When I started to paint the cotton balls and pulled them apart, red clouds emerged.  At these kind of moments, my minds is joint by my feeling/emotion. My gut told me, I was onto something. I had ‘found’ the face of anger. To create the darkness, I used a light. Isn’t that a wonderful contradiction? The shadows were just the kind of darkness it needed. The small mirrors were added, so it would confront me, with myself when looking inside the box.”

Puk Bresser expression of her anger

I am an artist of plenty, I like to incorporate multiple techniques and disciplines. The subject seems to direct which techniques and/or disciplines I need to use. It challenges me to look at things from a completely different angle, point of view.

Best-known works

Probably best known for her Polaroid Paradox series. With this art work she shows how a Polaroid can bring together the past, present and future. The Ice Prisoner, is a multi media installation. Within this installation,  photography is combined with spoken word and an overwhelming soundscape. Finally, her latest project me, my Self & you. This is an art installation made of viewing boxes on one side and a large intriguing self-portrait on the opposing wall.

Studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp, Belgium.

Dutch, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

some smaller pieces of art can be purchased here.


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