Current Project – Particles

Particles – start 2022

Particles is a completely new art project. It started and is used to discover and uncover the deeper reason behind the project. The process and progress of the project can be followed here.

Whenever Puk is near (in or on) the water, something happens. It’s cleansing, she becomes more energetic and at the same time it has something soothing. Research by the University of Gent (Belgium 2019) suggests the sea air has a positive effect on our health.

The coastal areas and our seas/oceans are always changing. They harbour change within themselves but are affected by changing environments outside themselves. The particles stand for the molecular influences.

Having said all that … it comes down to having a special relationship with the sea and ocean. Puk has lived in coastal areas, sailed a lot and worked as a diving instructor. Why? She is probably a sucker for contradictions. They cause a certain turbulence that pulls her towards the water.

Tracking the artist

The intro started with “discover and uncover the deeper reason behind the project.” Puk is planning to walk some of the following coastal areas; Norway, Denmark, Netherland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, England, Iceland. At the end, the story is complete and will (probably and hopefully) reveal what is hidden from us at the moment.

The project will be exhibited as an art piece that will grow. The first exhibition (first uploaded picture) showed 16 small photographs in a passe-partout. One of the comments/feedback “there’s jazz!”

Techniques used

All photographs are being developed by herself, from developing the 120 roll to developing the photographs, applying the particles, applying the mordançage and in the end, colouring the photographs with a sepia or indigo washing. The mordançage gives the photographs more layers, that are being accentuated by the sepia or indigo colouring.

Abstract photograph sepia
Particles 10
Abstract photograph created with analogue cameras and techniques